Game of RPG Top-down like old school (RPG Maker). An Superpowers HTML5 game project.

A prototype game for Superpowers, the HTML5 2D+3D game maker.

Game keys: 

  • Mouse  - Move character and select menus
  • Arrows - Move character and select menus 
  • ENTER - Accept
  • SPACE - Accept
  • Z - Open Game menu (WIP)
  • X - Attack (WIP only Animation) or Accept
  • C - Change type of attack (WIP)
  • D - Death animation (WIP)
  • I - Items frame test
  • F - Dialog frame test


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Development log


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When moving diagonally using the arrow keys it moves faster. You need to configure it. I don't know how the engine you are using works and what language do you use but in Unity there is a "normalize" function that fixes this problem. Maybe you need to do something similar. There is not much to say about the other part because it is just a prototype. Doesn't look bad though.